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Hello everyone, thank you all so much for being patient with us. This was not a server issue this time, however it was the fault of my own (Xyphien). I am in the process of making something big for new years with our website, and it includes this as well… I was hoping to keep it all  a surprise, but with the site shutting down temporarily I guess it’s time to explain myself.


2017 will come with some huge changes to this includes a homepage (This website), as well as a brand new theme. We’re going to go for a more professional, and welcoming feel with the new theme, and we’re working hard on getting the theme to work. However, that is what caused the site to crash. After uploading the theme I got an error, and didn’t think anything of it, then a user actually was able to chose that theme and use it. This caused the site to show a white screen for him, freaking out I decided to delete the theme completely. The theme, I can only assume somehow linked to Xenforo’s core itself, thus when I deleted the theme, I deleted the key parts of Xenforo. I am now working hard with the hosting company in hopes we can get all of this sorted out and back up and running. There is a 99.8% of success, however we will be reformatting to around 4am yesterday (03 December 2016) meaning any content posted past that will unfortunately be erased.


The site should be up and running sometime today, I am greatly sorry for the inconvenience! I will make a badge for everyone who logs on for today once the website comes back up. Something like “I survived the great downtime”.


Thank you all once again for your patience, and I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces once the site is up and running!


  1. Don’t worry Xiffy, we still love you <3

  2. No problem, can’t wait to get back on!

  3. Are we there yet..? [img][/img]

  4. I am struggling to find the log in button x3

    1. You have to go to the Forum section 🙂

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